How does Viagra work?

Viagra is a supplement sold on its official website, viagra and this site is the only place where you’ll want to make the purchase, after all, due to the success of the product there are several cases of counterfeiting and fraud involving this supplement. However, by making your purchase on the official website you will be sure to purchase the original product.

This supplement is sold in kits with five, three or one bottle, and it is important to note that the more bottles you buy, the greater the discount. Click the button below and go to the website for more information about viagra.

Viagra has a very interesting advantage compared to other impotence supplements, that the fact that it is indicated for those who want to enlarge the penis in a few centimeters. It is a cream that should be applied and massaged on the limb and with constant use you will notice the enlargement of the penis. Its benefits also include increased penis thickness. That is, Viagra will make his penis bigger, thicker and stronger.

The results appear within about four weeks and their benefits have been clinically proven.

How to buy Viagra online?

Go to the bottom of the page and choose the kit you want to buy. (Remember that the more units you buy, the greater the discount)
You will be redirected to the payment page, which can be made on your credit card or bank account.
Fill in the payment details
Then enter the delivery information, which is the address where your order will be delivered. Ready! Now wait for your order to arrive at your home!

Female Viagra

Does female viagra work?
Yes, but despite being popularly known as “female Viagra”, women’s medicines work differently because they act on the woman’s libido, increasing the desire to have sex.

The first drug for this purpose was created in 2015 initially to be used during climacteric (or menopause), when the woman’s sexual desire decreases due to hormonal changes.

Another difference between female Viagra and Viagra is the way it should be taken, since it is in everyday use. It then acts on the nervous system and stimulates the female libido, in addition to increasing the excitement and the feeling of pleasure, which can provide more intense orgasms.

Female Viagra is sold commercially under the names Lovegra, Womenra and Lady Prelox (among others) and is called “pink pill” in reference to Viagra, which is popularly known as “blueberry”.

Do you need a recipe to buy?

Yes, both Generic Viagra and Generic Viagra require a prescription, because since this drug causes some adverse reactions (which we will discuss below), the doctor must indicate its use and prevent men who do not have erectile dysfunction use the drug unnecessarily.

Despite this, many pharmacies sell Viagra without asking for a prescription, and there is also a possibility in online pharmacies.

It is important to say that this text is only informative and that we are not encouraging the purchase of Viagra without a prescription.


How to buy Viagra?

Buying Viagra is very simple and you can do it in the comfort of your home. This is because the online pharmacy is achieving the greatest success and trust of all, with its products and original quality, fast and free delivery, payment services, safe and secure purchase and prices that fit your pocket.

Since Viagra is a prescription drug, a prescription is required to make the purchase, in which case you are the only one to issue a prescription online at no cost, from an online consultation with a doctor of trust.

That is, it is easier for you to get your medicine and solve your problem.

Click the button below to find out more information, see product options and make your purchase in complete security and privacy.

What are the side effects?

Like all medicines, Viagra also causes some side effects, such as redness, visual problems (blurred or blurred vision), nasal congestion, diarrhea, dizziness and headache, abdominal, muscular and dorsal reactions.

As we said, to buy Viagra you need a prescription because its components increase the heart rate, men suffering from cardiovascular problems can not use Viagra without the doctor’s prescription (this can vary depending on the problem and dosage recommended).

It is also important to note that since there are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg tablets of Viagra, taking more than the recommended dose may also cause side effects.

Viagra or Cialis? Which one is better?

Cialis was the first drug produced to be the competitor of Viagra and, despite using a different active ingredient, both its action and side effects are very similar.

However, research indicates that the difference between Viagra and Cialis is the action time of each: while the effect of Viagra is more immediate, Cialis has the longest effect of Viagra.