How long does sildenafil last?


Like any other medicine, Viagra has side effects. For this reason, it is important to stay connected in one of them at the time of ingestion, and we emphasize the dimension of always having professional assistance.

The following are the basic distrust of people who intend to exploit their effects and often replicate their insecurities:

Is it addictive?

Viagra can lead to addiction if the person does not stay with his high honesty, studying that he can only have sex by taking the drug, so the help of a professional is essential.

Can you donate blood?

Your stress may increase when you take this medication, so it is not advisable to donate blood

Can you have children?

As stated earlier, Viagra increases blood flow in the penis, not causing infertility, so it is possible for children to take this medicine.

You’re happy?

It works only if it achieves sexual success, does not work in sexual appetite, but will only impact if the body is physically and mentally encouraged, it is very important to share the two for a more pleasant relationship with the stimulation of both.

Do you usually ejaculate?

You continue to ejaculate normally, but Viagra does not work on the problem of premature ejaculation, so you propose to explore the other analysis, but in no way can you see a specialist and talk about your difficulty.

Can you drink alcohol?

At all times we must remind ourselves that it is not advisable to drink alcohol when using drugs, as this may reduce or even cancel the effect of the drug.

Cause headache?

One of the most common side effects is headache, one in ten individuals report having encountered this problem.

Cause heart attack?

Viagra infarct: many news items are published announcing that Viagra is one of the sources of infarct in some users, however the case of people who have had a cardiac arrest with the use of this drug is related to the exaggeration of physical activity carried out during the sexual act and not the drug itself said.

Many times Viagra makes physical exertions beyond its means, so always be careful with your health and consult a doctor to find out more about your physical condition.

Does your face blush?

It can cause redness of the face, heat and sometimes even slight itching.

Cause blue vision?

It may seem a bit cliche to have the name propagated as “blueberry”, but rather with the use of Viagra you can have padlocks to notice colors like blue and green, but it is a negative effect that rarely occurs.

Some actions are more severe and can also be triggered by an allergic response. Do not forget to seek emergency medical help if you display any of the signs of an allergic reaction to Viagra such as: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.

Soluble Viagra

Viagra can pose a risk if not taken into consideration, so always consult a specialist for more information on the product and perform an analysis to see if it is possible to consume without adverse effects.

This drug can be obtained from some pharmacies, but it is not so easy to find, it can also be purchased in an online pharmacy, but remember to always check that the sites are official and safe, do not put your health at risk. whose origin and who sells this Viagra.


Nina Shelton